8BitEARN, a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, has announced the launch of its hyper-deflationary BEP-20 native token, $8Bit on 23rd Jan 2023 and  set to redefine the DeFi space in 2023 with its suite of next-generation products and passive income streams for token holders ecosystem users.

As a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, 8BitEARN offers a wide-range of next-generation products and services that are sure to excite and engage users and lead to a mass adoption:

  • ProDEX– A multi-chain user-friendly DeFi exchange with 4 Next Gen swaps that offers advanced dex features like limit orders, historical charts etc. 

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  • DAPP Innovative Staking pools that allow users to earn $8Bit rewards and access BUSD Credit against staking.
  • A BUSD credit facility, one of its kind that allows credit pool users to  claim BUSD.
  • DAO governance that allows users to have a say in the decision-making process of the platform.
  • A reward distributor that provides users with monthly diamond hand rewards and quarterly revenue distribution.
  • A BTC simulator that allows users to test out different scenarios and see how they might impact their earnings.
  • Deflationary NFTs that offer a range of benefits and privileges within the ecosystem.
  • An NFT marketplace where users can trade NFTs using the $8Bit token.
  • The ability to buy gift cards at ZAH portal with $8Bit token, providing even more real-life utility for the token.
  • ProPADA multi-chain launchpad that helps projects to launch and grow within the DeFi space.

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In addition to these innovative products and services, 8Bit offers a range of passive income streams for token holders, including BTC reflection, staking rewards, monthly and quarterly rewards as dividend. BUSD Credit against staking, farming and cashback pools at its own DeFi exchange ProDEX. $8Bit NFT holders have access to a wide range of DeFi benefits. With its focus on innovation, user experience, and value, 8BitEARN is poised to make a big impact in the DeFi space in 2023.

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The company has also announced the token allocation details for its $8Bit token, which is set to launch on 23rd January 2023. The distribution includes a seed sale, private sale, presale, and allocations for liquidity, the team, burning, staking, listing on CEXs, diamond hand rewards, and partnerships. A total of 100 million $8Bit tokens will be available, with the distribution breakdown as follows:

  • 750,000 tokens allocated to seed sale (already sold)
  • 6 million tokens allocated to private sale (already sold)
  • 33 million tokens will be available in the presale
  • 18 million tokens will be set aside for liquidity
  • 5 million tokens will be allocated to the team
  • 5 million tokens will be burned
  • 13.25 million tokens will be available for staking
  • 12 million tokens will be reserved for listing on CEXs
  • 4 million tokens will be given out as diamond hand rewards
  • 3 million tokens will be reserved for partnerships

Talking about the vision of the company, Mr. Jitendra Prakash, CEO of 8BitEARN said- "At 8BitEARN, we are committed to providing our users with a range of top-quality DeFi products and services, as well as numerous passive income streams within the DeFi ecosystem. We are constantly innovating and introducing new concepts, such as our BUSD credit facility and investment insurance at ProPAD, to protect the investments of our users. We also provide unique benefits and privileges to our 8Bit NFT holders, and have implemented a one-of-a-kind DAO governance system that allows our users to have a say in important project decisions. Our goal is to maximise the value of investments for every 8BitEARN user and drive mass adoption of our ecosystem."

About Us- 8BitEARN is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that aims to deliver top-quality DeFi products and services to its users. The company was founded with the mission of providing a wide range of passive income streams and maximising the value of investments for 8Bit ecosystem users. To achieve this, 8BitEARN has developed a suite of innovative DeFi products and services, including a multi-chain DEX, Next Gen Launchpad, staking pools, a BUSD credit facility, DAO Governance and a reward distributor & BTC simulator. The company is also committed to driving mass adoption of the ecosystem through partnerships with industry leaders and the development of cutting-edge DeFi tools. In addition to its DeFi offerings, 8BitEARN is also home to a marketplace for deflationary NFTs and a platform for launching new DeFi projects. With its focus on delivering value and innovation to its users, 8BitEARN is poised to make a big impact in the DeFi space in the coming years.

Important Dates:

Presale Date : 16th January, 2023

Launch Date : 23rd January, 2023

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