The crypto marketplace presents a lot of exciting opportunities for expert and newbie investors to earn decent income. However, these opportunities do come with so many inherent challenges, one of which is the problem of volatility.

As an investor in the crypto ecosystem, without arming yourself with the right tools and possessing the right competencies you could lose your hard-earned trading capital to market forces.

In a bid to insulate market participants from the inherent risks of the market, the team behind ISM is pleased to announce the introduction of its service offerings to the crypto community. The mission of ISM is to protect investors from losing their hard-earned money. It can be heartbreaking to lose your trading capital to market forces when a solution is handy. Why waste time learning tools, trends, and indicators that may not work for you, when ISM is here for you?

How ISM works? The team at ISM combines DeFi insurance products that covers a wide variety of risks to protect investors from the risks that market participants are usually exposed to. The risks range from potential capital loss, smart contract loopholes to token price drops.

ISM Premium Insurance

ISM offers insurance premium to investors. Interested investors who buy the cover will automatically generate decent income in ISM tokens. The project also intends to pool funds from liquidity providers in order to facilitate crypto trading. Liquidity providers would be compensated with additional tokens.

Premium insurance investors will be able to participate in insurance mining. The higher the insurance cover paid for, the greater would be your reward.

ISM Participants

The team at ISM asserted that ISM expects to work with four types of participants after launch. The participants are liquidity providers who aid trading in ETah, TRX, and ISM, investors who need peculiar insurance cover for specific risks, those that participated in DAO governance in the DeFi community, and lastly insurance experts that serve in the advisory board.

About ISM

At its core, ISM is a DeFi insurance supermarket designed to protect investors from losing their hard-earned tokens. ISM also presents exciting opportunities for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike to make money. With ISM, the problem of market volatility would be a thing of the past. Plus, once you stake your ISM tokens, you are sure of smiling to the bank with a decent return on your investment.

ISM is the first project to be listed on Huobi on the heco chain. The team members behind ISM are well-grounded when it comes to protecting investors from the ripple effect of market volatility. The team understands the right time to open a trade position and the right time to close a position to make decent profits.

Further information at:
Telegram: https://t.meISMinsuranceSupermarket