Cryptocurrency is the most popular entity in the blockchain industry. According to a survey done in June 2020, all cryptocurrencies combined make up for 0.7% of the world’s money. Blockchain wallets ownership has risen since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, with about 45 million wallets recorded in 2020. Despite the millions of blockchain wallets, the use of cryptocurrency in day to day transactions is still diminutive. 

In America, 81% of the citizens have Bitcoin knowledge, but only 8% of the country’s population use BTC. A good number of people might have heard of cryptocurrency though only a handful understand what it entails with a lower number querying its use. Due to this lack of knowledge and interest, fiat currency transactions reign supremes globally.

Adoption of crypto-transactions across the world is sluggish and efforts to hasten it were futile. Fortunately, there is now a breakthrough; Knox World Pay, the world’s first financial system powered by blockchain. Its creation has resolved all issues facing mass adoption of crypto-transactions on the global scale.

Knox World Pay

Apollo fintech, a pioneer blockchain company saw the massive issues facing mass adoption of cryptocurrency. After years of research, the company developed Knox World Pay, the first-ever blockchain-backed mobile money banking system. It is generated from Apollo currency, the fastest cryptocurrency in the blockchain market. Although the platform is blockchain-based, it is also set to accommodate the massive population that is illiterate in digital transactions.

Knox World Pay is a mobile-based system that will serve the global population, wherever they are. Merchants from marginalized and remote countries may now enjoy fast and secure crypto-transactions at the international level with Knox World Pay. Since just about 5 billion of the world’s population are mobile phone owners, Knox World Pay is likely to be more successful in market penetration than any other platform. 

Worldwide Crypto-transactions Challenges

Countries like America, China, Spain and Romania are leading in usage of cryptocurrency in exchanges, trade and settlements. Africa is also involved in crypto-transactions with countries like Nigeria and Kenya having its citizens purchase goods and services using Bitcoin. Nevertheless,widespread use of cryptocurrency is almost impossible due to various factors that include;


Trading of cryptocurrency is redundant even in first world countries. Local merchants prefer to use simple cash transactions as opposed to cryptocurrencies which are a lengthy and costly process of trading.


The largest factor facing economies from adopting to cryptocurrency is lack of security. Several cases have emerged of clients losing their digital funds. Consumers are prone to get scared to do exchanges with little or no assurance that the transaction is secure. Lack of security has made traders revert to cash settlements in contempt of owning digital wallets. Around the world, a little number of people know how cryptocurrency works. This factor has encouraged a lot of people getting scammed or robbed of their money.

Usability and Accessibility

70% of the world’s population own mobile phones. Nonetheless, the majority of mobile phones owned are not smartphones. Blockchain platforms majorly give access to consumers who have internet, smartphones and computers. Those who are unable to access any of the three have concluded that it’s next to impossible to use cryptocurrency. Majority of cryptocurrency consumers are unbanked, so most of them struggle to make deposits let alone make crypto-transactions. The inability to access their digital wallets rules out any use of cryptocurrency.

The Ultimate Solution

Fast and cheap transactions

Knox World Pay is a subsidy of Apollo currency, hence offers fast transactions, with speeds of sub-seconds. Salespersons can make payments and purchases without ever worrying about how fast the money sent or received will reflect in their accounts. In contrast to banking systems, Knox World Pay has proven to be much cheaper, cutting costs for people in rural areas who have to move to find banks to pay their bills.

The platform is also easy to use in addition to no back or extra charges while doing transactions. It saves people the trouble of signing up for exchange platforms as opposed to traditional methods of trading cryptocurrencies.

A worldwide agent network

Knox World Pay has introduced a global agent network, which works as analogous to banking systems present at the local level. Anyone can sign up to be a Knox World Pay agent, including people from secluded areas in the world. These agents help people set up digital wallets, deposit and make withdrawals with their mobile phones since they facilitate one on one interactions. 

Guided by the agents, local traders can sell goods internationally receiving payments of cryptocurrency. The network being available anywhere, it creates job opportunities for locals; agents can build a business by involving sub-agents depending on the traffic of crypto-transactions around them. 

Security and usability

Intercontinental crypto-transactions cannot get any easier than this. Knox World Pay has invented a technology that is supported by all mobile phones, sending and receiving cryptocurrency via a text message. Yes, you have heard it well, an offline text message. In just seconds, a buyer in Africa can send Bitcoin to a merchant in America, in the absence of internet access and a smartphone. 

Knox World Pay has also included technologies available in mobile phones such as recharge codes to send and receive cryptocurrency. Linking a trader from a remote area in Brazil to a trader in industrialized Honk Kong has never been easier.


The use of cryptocurrency has been on the rise since the invention of bitcoin in 2009. Even so, the majority of merchants and financial institutions use cash and fiat currencies in day to day transactions. Making crypto-transactions in first world countries is still troublesome to date. Due to that, nations worldwide are hesitant to use cryptocurrency.

Knox World Pay has genuinely connected the world in the use of cryptocurrency, helping industries from across the globe to trade goods and services. The platform being mobile-based will serve 70% of the world’s population, involving everyone with a mobile phone in most underdeveloped countries. In summary, Knox World Pay is the first and only platform to achieve adoption of cryptocurrencies at the international scale.