MetaDog has recently announced the launch of its new token in the Web3 space. This new token will serve as a digital best friend for users in the Metaverse dimension.

Owning a MetaDog NFT allows users to interact with other dog owners, breed and train their dogs, and more. NFT technology will secure each of the MetaDog tokens.

A New Arrival into the Metaverse Dimension

MetaDog is the world’s newest breedable, exchangeable, and playable NFT Dog. Owners of these digital pets can purchase, sell, or trade their tokens with other players in the metaverse. They can breed two dogs of the same type to create a new version of that type with new attributes. 

Each new MetaDog has the potential to be more powerful and desirable than its predecessors. This mechanism provides a rare opportunity for pet owners to create something truly special in the metaverse.

Dog owners can also access Play-2-Earn (P2E) minigames designed specifically around their NFTs.

A Multi-Purpose Project

MetaDog is not just another digital collectible platform. This team is designing multiple use cases and products to help develop the MetaDogs universe. Developers are focusing on the following aspects:

  • Breed and stake: MetaDog holders will be able to breed and stake their dogs on the platform. Specifically, users will stake two MetaDogs from the same breed. Afterward, a third MetaDog will be available at the end of the staking period.
  • Minigames: Minigames will be the main source of entertainment in the MetaDog world. Players will race their MetaDogs against each other or compete in force or beauty contests.
  • Marketplace: MetaDog holders will be able to make money by renting, trading, and selling their MetaDogs in the marketplace. These are popular features in the NFT space, and MetaDog wants to provide users with a secure and transparent platform.

There will be 10,000 MetaDog NFTs available, and users can breed, stake, trade, rent, or play minigames with their MetaDogs. Interestingly, only 2,244 NFTs will be available to mint initially, while the rest will come from breeding.

This interesting project has huge potential to become a must-have item in the NFT space. By bringing together fun games, trading, and staking capabilities, MetaDog promises to provide an unparalleled experience in digital collectibles.

About MetaDog

MetaDog is a new type of NFT universe that brings a new level of engagement and ownership to digital pets. The team wants to bring the joy and connection people can have with their real-life pets into the metaverse.

MetaDog owners can breed, trade, and collect their furry friends as they explore this exciting new world. The project’s mission is to create an enjoyable environment where pet lovers can come together. With blockchain technology, MetaDog will ensure secure ownership and create an environment where users can safely trade and have fun.

Crypto and dog enthusiasts can check out MetaDog’s project through its website and the social media pages below.

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