After two-year preparation for the EU operation team, the famous Australian health technology brand PLANT ANGEL recently announced its official entry into the EU market. With the rapid development of silicon beverage as a popular single product in the world, PLANT ANGEL has become a model for a new generation of Australian brands to go to sea. At present, the brand has opened up markets in more than 30 countries through global market layout and localized operation, becoming a new force that cannot be ignored.

"It is estimated that our products will enter more than 200 supermarkets and gift shops in France and Italy for the first phase in early January, followed by Italy and Finland in mid-February, and the EU brand operation center of PLANT ANGEL in Paris, France, will be opened in June 2023 at the latest. We will achieve comprehensive and deep cultivation of the EU market through our localized operation team. "At the recent global brand launch conference, the brand leader of PLANT ANGEL told the media.

PLANT ANGEL is an Australian national brand that has grown rapidly in the global silicon beverage market in recent years. At present, it has production bases in Australia, the United States, Malaysia and South Korea. Its products have sold well in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and China. Unlike other Australian brands generally focusing on the whole category, PLANT ANGEL has established a unique competitive advantage through cooperating with Japanese scientists for research and development of plant extract silicon beverage.

The relevant person in charge of PLANT ANGEL said, "In the EU market, we will change the traditional market approach. In addition to offline goods, we will also make more use of short video media such as Tiktok to trigger the spontaneous recommendation of end consumers through cooperation with high-quality bloggers. We will disclose the latest market trends at all stages in a timely manner. Please pay attention to our brand official information."

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