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LATEST BREAKING NEWS: CumRocket, already endorsed by Elon Musk, has the potential to take over subscriptions in the adult industry after OnlyFans announcement.

OnlyFans, a rapidly growing successful company with 90 million registered users and over one million creators known to have disrupted the adult industry and allowed creators to independence, recently announced that they will no longer allow explicit content due to pressure from payment providers as stated in their public announcement on August 20th, 2021. They are removing themselves from the pornographic industry after paying  $2 billion in creator earnings since 2016 and leaving behind the creators that hyped and popularized the platform. 

This creates a massive opportunity in the market where a wave of thousands of creators will now be looking for a new platform to continue receiving their earnings and keep the strong connection they worked hard to build with their fans. CumRocket’s new and revolutionary platform is eager to jump in this opportunity and take over the market by completely eliminating all the bad user experience OnlyFans provided to the customers and creators. 

CumRocket, a relatively new and ambitious project filled with a team of experts, has been hard at work on several products including their 18+ NFT Marketplace, but their most recent focus has been creating their subscription platform that allows individuals to create 18+ private content. Ever since the launch of their token, they have built a big team with infrastructure and deep experience in blockchain, adult entertainment, and scaling companies. 

Why is CumRocket’s CUMMIES platform better than OnlyFans? 

CumRocket’s platform won’t have any payment processor restrictions as it uses cryptocurrency; a solid decentralized payments solution. Unlike OnlyFans, the creators also have real content ownership via blockchain in the form of NFTs which helps to combat piracy issues that the industry currently faces and hold their accrued value for their productions in the secondary market as well.

CumRocket’s partnership with 8PAY Network will ensure no restrictions from payment processors, no chargebacks, no blocked payments, instant payments and low fees. Customers will also no longer have to worry about payment descriptors on their credit cards and the bad user experience due to payment processing that they face when subscribing to OnlyFans such as getting their payments blocked.

Unlike OnlyFans, CumRocket will never turn away its creators and will ensure a safe zone for them and their earnings. With CUMMIES, creators can sell adult content on their 18+ platform without ever worrying about any limitations enforced by payment processors. 

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for CumRocket to innovate, capture and capitalize the market as the customers are likely to transition into cryptocurrency given that it has been introduced to the industry since 2018 by its adoption by PornHub. With traditional platforms using normal payment processors, they are likely to face the same financial issues as OnlyFans causing uneasiness to the creators. 

When will this be available? 

CumRocket is innovating in multiple branches within the Adult Industry. They are currently preparing to launch their brand new 18+ NFT marketplace with subscriptions, messaging, pay per view, and tipping being implemented shortly after. Follow them on social media to keep updated!  Customers will be able to purchase content, subscribe, message and tip their favorite adult stars with CumRocket’s token (CUMMIES). 

How does their token, CUMMIES, work with their platform?

  • The tokenomics of $CUMMIES means that 2.5% of every transaction gets redistributed to holders in proportion to their holdings and 2.5% of every transaction is burnt, meaning the supply is constantly becoming more scarce.
  • Using $CUMMIES to purchase adult content, NFTs, tipping and messaging means that holders of the token will reap the 5% transaction tax rewards often!

In conclusion, CumRocket has a truly disruptive project on their hands, with the potential for massive growth in the upcoming months if they can successfully appeal to their target market. Since their biggest competitor (OnlyFans) has surrendered their monopoly on the adult content market, it will make it easier for emerging platforms, such as CumRocket’s, to become dominant.

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