The Voiders’ universe is a vast and dangerous place. In order to survive, you’ll need to be smart, resourceful, and lucky. One of the critical components to success in Voiders is trading. The better you adapt, the more likely you will survive and thrive in this unforgiving world.

In this article, we’ll look at the different features of the Voiders’ game and how to use them to play. Without further ado, let’s begin our journey into this new project.

Introducing Voiders to the World

There are good chances you have already heard about the enormous success of web3 gaming. The sector has grown significantly with the help of new technologies, allowing game developers to create unique experiences.

It would be fair to say that web3 gaming is still in its early days. Nevertheless, the potential is already there, and new games are exploring all the possibilities granted by blockchain systems.

Specifically, Voiders is a new project that plans to change how we see gaming. The team wants to create a gaming platform that allows players to have fun and win prizes.

However, Voiders is not only a game. It is also an ecosystem that encourages players to interact with each other and trade items. In short, you will need to create heroes, equip them with powerful items, and defeat as many opponents as possible.

The more you play and own Digital Game Collectibles, the more rewards you can get. These can improve your character or exchange for other in-game items.

Creating a Hero

Let us begin our review by covering the first thing you need to know about Voiders: heroes. In this game, you will take on the role of heroes empowering their allies by healing, shielding, and much more. 

You will also access various weapons and abilities, including the biotic turret, wash away, and mega-gurg. With these tools, you can be strategic in your approach to battle if you want to come out on top.

You have many options to choose from regarding the different heroes available in Voiders. Let us look, for instance, at Gurg, a support hero with a plasma gun. Gurg’s abilities include the biotic turret, which automatically heals nearby allies and attacks enemies in the area. 

Another feature to mention is its “wash away” power, which teleports him to the nearest installed turret. With these powerful abilities at his disposal, Gurg is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Each hero comes with a different storyline. Once again, consider Gurg: he was born in the Void, where many races perished. He is a Mani, a creature able to transform into an enhanced form. As a result of this transformation, Gurg gained increased strength and power.

Gurg’s story is one of being an outsider. He is a thief by trade and is constantly on the run from those who wish to capture him. He has joined the “Pack of Dogs” to find a place he can call home. With the help of his allies, Gurg must now find a way to stay alive and out of prison.

With engaging storylines for each hero and many abilities at your disposal, Voiders aims to appeal to many gamers.

The Different Game Components

The game offers various components to customize each player’s experience in the Voiders universe. We have already discussed the heroes above, and the subsections below will include information about lands, ships, and pets.


In the Voiders world, Lands function as the primary home base. Every participant may own their very own plot of land, and here is where they will build their home, workshop, and their farm. This location fosters the growth and development of pets and provides each region with its own distinctive collection of supplies.


Each player in Voiders can have their spaceship in the game universe. The ship is the home and base for the player and their pets. Keep in mind that you can upgrade a ship using various resources found during gameplay. 

By upgrading the ship, the player gains access to new technologies and rooms. This strategy can improve your pets and grant you additional resources and new gameplay mechanics.


Pets are a fundamental part of the game. You may use them for various purposes, such as combat, exploration, and transportation. There are eight powerful and four secret pet types in the game.

Each type defines a set of abilities and the appearance of the pet. Each pet can belong to one of five archetypes, two of which are secret – the prestige archetypes.

A Look at the Project’s Milestones

With multiple milestones on the horizon, the project is well on its way to becoming a fully-fledged game. Here’s a look at what the team plans to accomplish shortly.


This year will end with a closed alpha test of the game’s PvP features. Feedback from testers will allow the team to improve the game before it enters beta testing.


Next year, the team has planned a closed beta test that will include PvP and PvE content. Testers’ feedback will again help the developers improve the game before it enters open beta testing.

The open beta phase will begin in June 2023, and not all features will be available at this time. However, the team explained that testers would have a good idea of what the game will look like.

Finally, the game will officially launch in Q4 2023. All planned content will be available to players, including the PvP, PvE, pet, land, and ship game modes. 

Trading in the Voiders’ Marketplace

Voiders’ marketplace feature will allow you to trade your in-game items with other players for Voiders. On the page, you will find various categories of items that you can browse through and buy or sell.

If you want to look for an item, the filter will help you to find items by type or rarity. The archetype field will filter the results by support, DPS, or tank. You can also use the health and count shields fields to further narrow your search.

Bundles, Charms, and Heroes are some categories you can find in the marketplace. When you find an item, you want to buy, click on the “Buy” button and confirm your purchase. You will complete the trade, and the item will be part of your in-game inventory.

Bottom Line

With an interesting plot, various features, and a clear roadmap, Voiders shows much promise. The game is still in development, but it has the potential to be a great addition to the web3 industry.

The intention to set a new trend in web3 games is evident. You can now follow the project on social media or check out its website to keep up-to-date with Voiders.